River crossing

Jungle Survival Trekking/Expeditions

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Stranger in a strange land.. walking inside an undulating terrain covered with oceans of lush and green surroundings, swim at the waterfall, crossing rivers that runs through the landscape, spending the night outside your comfort zone with campfire, falling asleep to the sound of the jungle inside your hammock or just by counting stars above you. Your trip in Borneo can never be this perfect anymore. It is time to live your jungle dream.

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Adult Male Bornean Orang Utan

Wildlife Safaris

A visit to Borneo is not complete without capturing the picture of its precious wildlife. Many of it are endemic to this island. Due to hunting and habitat loss (Deforestation) slowly they fall under endangered species category.

Embark on a memorable trip with us into their last frontier at Maliau BasinDeramakot, and Kinabatangan River. Enjoy the defining moment from these wonders of Borneo..

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