Jungle Survival Trekking


Stranger in a strange land.. walking inside an undulating terrain covered with oceans of lush and green surroundings, swim at the waterfall, crossing rivers that runs through the landscape, spending the night outside your comfort zone with campfire, falling asleep to the sound of the jungle inside your hammock or just by counting stars above you.

Explore this beautiful non touristic jungle and learn the hands on survival knowledge from our highly experienced guides that sets a new paradigm with an unbeaten benchmark.

This signature trip of L.O.S.T Borneo is a MUST and not to be missed while you are visiting Sabah Borneo. It is time to live your jungle dream.

river crossing with L.O.S.T Borneo
river crossing

Maliau Basin LOST WORLD Expedition


Journey into the WORLD’S OLDEST rainforest jungle, trek among the giant trees with a very promising chances to spot wildlife

“experience the world as it once was”.. Lonely Planet

Located at 116° 40′ – 117° 2′ E and 4° 40′ 4° 50′ N 40 kms north from Kalimantan, is Malaysia’s remaining wilderness area known as Maliau Basin a.k.a The LOST WORLD bounded by a formidable escarpment reaching over 1,675 m a.s.l. The almost circular Basin encompasses 390km2 of UNTOUCHED Jurassic jungle, virtually self-contained ecosystem with large areas still remaining to be explored and documented. 

Join us and trek to 4 different base camps located 6-7 hours apart deep inside the heart of the basin, along the way enjoy the unique flora, fauna and its signature 7 tiers hidden waterfall.

*Suitable for traveler who wanted a long super challenging trek and see wildlife and plant life 

Note: Participant for Maliau Basin 5D4N or 4D3N trekking trip MUST have travel insurance that covers helicopter emergency evacuation. Medical certification stated that you are fit for the trek if you are over 50 or overweight.

Long Pa Sia Expedition


Remote village, non touristic and beautiful jungle with rough it up trekking awaits you.

Inside the headhunter tribal language, Pa Sia means the red river, it is located at the south west of Sabah near Sarawak. Snakeing its way through the Indonedian border at Kalimantan.

Sitting at 1,000m above the sea level, this small, quiet and remote village is blessed with beautiful rainforest jungle with cool and refreshing climate.

Inhibit with 500 people from the Headhunter tribe, it’s non touristic jungle offers by far one of the best treks in Borneo.

This trip will bring you deep inside the jungle exploring caves, ancient burial sites, beautiful hidden waterfalls, exotic plantlife and wildlife. If Indiana Jones is real, he will definately love this trip.