This trip are carefully designed focusing wildlife based on timing, location and method

A visit to Borneo is not complete without capturing the picture of its precious wildlife. Many of it are endemic to this island. Due to hunting and habitat loss (Deforestation) slowly they fall under endangered species category. Embark on a memorable trip with us into their last frontier at Maliau BasinDeramakot and Kinabatangan River and enjoy the defining moment from these wonders of Borneo..

2D1N/3D2N Maliau Basin Wildlife Safari

Dreaming of walking underneath 80 to 100 meters tall rain forest giants inside the non touristic jungle of Maliau basin while spotting wildlife? dream no more because this world renown Jurassic jungle of Borneo will fulfill your bucket list

Bornean Leopard Cat

2D1N/3D2N/4D3N/5D4N Deramakot Forest Reserve Wildlife Tour


Situated deep inside the jungle of Borneo, far from the touristic area, the quiet and serene FOREST RESERVE offers lifetime chances of spotting Borneo’s precious wildlife. Clouded Leopard, Flying Squirrel, Palm Civet, Pygmy Elephant, Orang Utan, Bornean Gibbon, Slow Loris, Hornbills to name a few that call this jungle their home. 

Adult Male Orang Utan

2D1N Kinabatangan Wildlife Tour

Cruising down the beautiful and longest river in Sabah, in search for the endangered wildlife such as Pygmy Elephant, Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey and more is one of the trip that you can’t afford to miss while you are here.

This trip is operated by trained and trusted local agencies at Kinabatangan river. 

Kinabatangan River